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 Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Conditions Do You Treat ?

I help you work on virtually any thing that you think you should be able to change about yourself.


  • Things you know you should be able to do but can't eg. Being comfortable in certain places or with certain people.   ie Phobias.

  • Things you know you should be able to stop doing bur can't. eg. Smoking, abusing alcohol or drugs,or food, or performing compulsive actions such as checking, hand washing or private rituals. ie Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.

  • Things you do inside your head and wished you didn't. eg. Obsessive thought, negative thoughts, or just a general lack of focus or motivation.
  • Things which happen inside your body and shouldn't. eg. Stress, Anxiety, Blushing, Stammering, or Gastric problems. IBS. etc.
  • Things you already do but know you can do better. eg Sports,  Management, Performances etc.  You don't need to be 'broken' in order to be 'fixed'.
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