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What Is NLP ?

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) ,as with CBT, is concerned with how the client perceives the world and his or her self, but it doesn't stop at the level of simple 'thoughts'.

NLP seeks to discover how the clients 'thoughts' are structured in terms of eg whether they are thinking in pictures, in sounds, in tactile feelings etc. Even taste and smell may be important in discovering how the client structures his experience of the world.

Once these inner structures have been uncovered, with or without hypnosis, they can then be utilized and/or changed to the clients benefit ; a process of which the client is fully aware and actively participates in. 

A useful adjunct to this is Time Line Therapy in which the client explores how he or she constructs and experiences Time. It has many uses but can be particularly potent in reprocessing past traumas and allowing the client to leave the past in the past. It is also useful in getting the client to set future goals and eliciting the steps necessary to achieve them.
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