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What Is Psychobiology ?

Psychobiology is an increasingly fertile field in which hypnosis and/or other techniques outlined on this website may be used to effect purely 'physical'

It rests on the premise that if there are psychosomatic where the mind has caused a malfunction in the body, then there must be psychosomatic cures, ie that the mind can be used either to harness the natural healing powers of the body or , more interestingly, to directly influence the way the body functions.

The most obvious example is the way in which raised blood pressure can be normalized by getting the client to relax and/or by directly 'ordering' the blood vessels to relax themselves ; usually by a process of guided visualization in which the client imagines his body functioning in the way he wants it to.

Another example would be the way in which the mind, usually through hypnosis, is capable of reducing or eliminating pain.

Although the mind-body connection has been know about for a long time it is only relatively recently that its full therapeutic impact is beginning to be explored.

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